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We can simplify your daily accounting – everything is web-based and paperless. Plus, always accurate and on time, of course.

The service includes:

  • an inspection and organisation of previous accounting records;
  • the option to create sales invoices in a programme;
  • the sending of e-invoices for free;
  • the inspection and registration of sales and purchase invoices;
  • payroll and fixed asset accounting;
  • the preparation and submission of reports and declarations.

Order if needed:

  • the creation and submission of sales invoices;
  • the preparation of payment orders;
  • access for making offers.

Project and cost accounting

Is your project, product, or service profitable?

Lavonne also offers project and cost-based accounting, which gives a clear overview of income and expenses. This is valuable information that can help you make strategic management decisions.


What are your company’s goals and how can you achieve them?

This is a question for all companies, not just large ones. Financial strategy begins with budgeting – and we can help you with that.

Skilful budgeting allows you to:

  • set business goals;
  • map developments;
  • apply for loans and support.

We will actively participate in the process, constantly monitor the implementation of the budget, and also analyse the results according to your needs.

Preparation of the annual report

This annual commitment for you can be limited to signing only – and leaving the rest to us.

You can order the preparation of the annual report if you:

  • are not a regular customer of Lavonne;
  • are a regular customer of Lavonne;
  • are not even using a monthly accounting service.

Preparation of contracts and other documents

Accurate documents:

  • increase the reliability of your company;
  • provide protection in case of problems.

You don’t even need to know exactly how to draw up documents and contracts. We will gladly take care of it.


Consulting is part of accounting but we also offer it as an independent service.

  • We will assist you in establishing your company and with the registration process.
  • We will help you set up the correct accounting procedures.
  • We will consult you on accounting and taxes.

PS! A newly established company will always get a discount!

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When ordering an accounting service, it is important to find a partner you can trust and who can keep up with the times. And that is exactly we focus on at Lavonne.

Accuracy above all
Quality work and accuracy are our number one priority. You can be sure that there will be no careless mistakes in your accounts and that deadlines are always met.

A flexible and modern service
We keep up with the times – which means more comfort for you. We transmit documents without paper and our communication is flexible – we are also there for you outside regular working hours.

An experience you can count on
Lavonne welcomes customers of various profiles. In addition to providing our services to microbusinesses and small-scale enterprises, we also have experience in organising the accounting of non-profit associations.

Eveli Tomson

Accountant | Board Member

Enel Lepik

Member of the Management Board

Enekeni Stuudio OÜ

As an entrepreneur, I am very happy with the accounting service provided by Lavonne OÜ. The main thing I would like to point out is keeping promises and sticking to deadlines, and the eagerness to assist. The service is convenient and safe because it is cloud-based and paperless, just like any modern accounting service should be. Our cooperation is close, substantial, and productive.

Martti Soidla


Tender Ehitus OÜ

I am glad we found Lavonne as a partner. Eveli has been providing our company with accounting services for years. Her work is always accurate and on time. She follows the company’s internal processes and helps improve and automate them as necessary. Lavonne is free and friendly in its communication with our company’s staff. It is also ready to interact with the Tax Board and partners on our behalf. Lavonne helps our company solve accounting, financial management and staff-related issues.

Kristin Tärn

Member of Management Board

SRMK Stables OÜ

No company functions well without a good financial grounding. To keep income and expenditure under control and financial forecasts in line with our needs, a company must have an experienced accountant who is always there to provide advice and help.
We are very thankful and happy that Eveli has been such a great partner to us.
Our companies are constantly growing, and we will definitely continue our cooperation both now and in the future.

Lavonne OÜ

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How much does accounting cost?

The price of the accounting service depends on the volume of work. We will be happy to give you a quote once we have a better overview of your company’s needs. Feel free to write to or complete the form.